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Márton Martos: Crafting Vision in Pictures and Concepts

With a wealth of conceptual expertise and hands-on production experience, Marton Martos currently holds the position of Associate Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson Prague. His creative career boasts a successful track record; over the last decade, he has worked in renowned advertising agencies such as DDB, McCann, and Saatchi & Saatchi....

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Interview with Villume founders: Alin Bugeag & Georg Katstaller

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Villume stands out as a unique platform, uniting international galleries and artists for unforgettable photorealistic virtual exhibitions. Today, we chat with the founders of Villume, Alin Bugeag, and Georg Katstaller, to uncover their story and the birth of this game-changing platform. Backgrounds Alin's background spans...

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From Dreams to Reality: Art Students' Solo Shows with Villume

Hey, art students! We understand the challenges and expenses that come with pursuing your passion. And when it comes to preparing for an exhibition, it can feel overwhelming. But hold up, because we've got some exciting news for you: Villume is here to make your life a whole lot easier...

Villume News

Shaping the Future of Art Education: Exploring Villume's Virtual Galleries for Universities

University galleries hold a significant place in the art world, serving as hubs for showcasing the talent of art and design students while offering valuable educational experiences. However, traditional gallery spaces have their limitations. In this digital age, Villume's virtual galleries emerge as a transformative solution, empowering universities to enhance...

Villume News

Villume Digital Galleries For Fine Art Photography

Enter Villume, a groundbreaking digital gallery that has emerged as the ultimate choice for discerning fine art photographers. With its impeccable design and collaboration with international galleries, Villume offers an unparalleled environment to exhibit artwork in a truly distinctive digital exhibition. SO, WHY DO FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHERS NEED VILLUME DIGITAL...

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